Monday, June 14, 2010

Open Hand Studio Meet and Match

From OWPP|Cannon Design's Open Hand Studio:
Join Open Hand Studio and our partners at Meet and Match, a celebration of community-based design. Meet and Match provides an opportunity for Chicago designers and non-profit, community-based organizations to meet face-to-face and match design needs with design services.

To register for the 2010 Open Hand Studio Meet and Match, please complete the registration form.

June 29th, 2010
Daytime Event (1pm – 5pm)
We invite you to join us for a networking and resource fair featuring community organizations, pro-bono design organizations including architects, interior designers, product and organizational designers, graphic designers and art groups.

The daytime event will provide opportunities for community groups to meet with design organizations, to discuss potential projects and get more informed about what resources are available in the pro-bono design world. Attendees can meet organizations at their own pace and are welcome to arrive after the event commences.

Evening Event (5:30pm -8pm)
The evening event will start off with quick and compelling presentations on successful partnerships between non-profit groups and design firms and organizations. After the presentations, attendees are invited to enjoy refreshments and “Meet and Match,” meet someone new and match skills with needs!

Open Hand Studio Meet and Match
Tuesday, June 29th
Hyde Park Art Center
5020 S. Cornell Avenue
Chicago, IL 60615

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