Thursday, October 28, 2010

Community Engagement Panel Discussion Next Week

As part of the AIA Illinois Annual Conference, a panle discussion on community engagement in architecture and why they do it. The press release:

This Community Engagement panel discussion will explore the practice of community based projects by Architects. The panel is composed of a diverse group of professionals with practical experience in pro-bono, reduced fee, and community based work, who use their skills to contribute meaningfully to improve their communities. The panelist include: Susan King, Principal at Harley Ellis Devereaux; Patricia SaldaƱa Natke, Founding Partner and President of UrbanWorks; Mike Newman, founder of SHED Studio; and William Sindelar from Ragnar Benson Construction and Chair of and AIA NEI Community Outreach Committee. Matt Dumich from Valerio Dewalt Train and the AIA Chicago Community Interface Committee will moderate this session. The panel will discuss the value of community engagement and how and why they are involved in this community-based work. They will review best practices for working with community groups and non-profit organizations.
Attendees will learn how to evaluate a community group or non-profit organization to work with, how to structure projects and determine fees. They will also understand contractual and potential liability issues involved.

The Community Interface Committee is dedicated to increasing the visibility and participation of architects within community groups and non-profit organizations. The Committee acts as a network and forum for exchange of knowledge related to public interest work; a point of contact for community groups and nonprofit groups that seek design solutions; a liaison between the AIA and established pro-bono design groups; and support for architects’ involvement in civic activities.

Community Engagement: Design, Practice and Outreach panel discussion
November 05, 2010, 2:45pm at iHotel, 1900 South First Street, Champaign, IL
More information and register online.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Haiti Update

If you haven't heard much about Haiti lately here's why: nothing is happening so there is technically no news to report. From a friend:
I am sad to inform you that not much has changed since the earthquake. I've traveled through parts of Port-au-Prince and most of the collapsed homes have not been touched, meaning that there are still corpses buried under the rubble. The hospital is still in ruins; the people are housed in tents still. the German professionals who are staying with my mother went there expressly to rebuild the local hospital but [redacted] did not give them permission to do so. I'm sure you are probably asking who is running the country.
No, I'm pretty clear on that.

I am happy to say that little Architecture for Humanity Chicago competition win I was part of still has momentum. AFHCC meets every third Tuesday of the Month (that's this Tuesday!) at 6:30 at Brehon Pub, 730 N. Wells.