Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CTBUH Conference Revisited

And finally, the last conference to be revisited is the CTBUH. With registration priced as high as $650, I'm happy to let you know all of the video recordings of the speakers are now available online - for free! Memorable presentations include:

Richard Tomasetti and the use of a boat simulator in Newfoundland to simulate the 18 second period of the Chicago Spire - the first time the simulator had been used for a building,

Eric Kuhne and the social contributions to building tall,

Adrian Smith and the challenge of meeting the 2030 Challenge that most mayors (including Daley) have signed onto without any means of meeting it,

and Mayor Daley on the past, present and future contributions of tall buildings to Chicago.

And yes, the Spire is designed to sway from one side to the other and back over the span of 18 seconds.

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