Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Volunteers needed at Wright’s Home and Studio and Robie House

From the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust:

Volunteer at the remarkable Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio in Oak Park or at Wright’s icon of modern architecture, Robie House, in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Photo courtesy of the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust

Fall volunteer training at the Home and Studio begins Tuesday, September 15 and at Wright’s Robie House Tuesday, October 6. Volunteers enjoy membership benefits, invitations to special events, educational opportunities and great new friendships. Volunteering at our world-class museum sites is a fascinating and rewarding experience as our volunteers explore widespread interests and develop new skills.

Photo by Don Kalec

Support an appreciation of architecture, design and the legacy of Wright while engaging in educational and aesthetic experiences with people from around the world. Visit GoWright.org or call 708.848.1976 for more information.

In College, I held a stint working for the Facilities Manager of the Architecture Department. The school owned the Affleck House in Bloomfield Hills, MI and we were responsible for some minor maintenance and setup and breakdown of events and studios they would hold there.

It was in a beautiful setting, a creek had run through the site and under part of the building. It had been dry for some time as the adjacent area was built up. What was interesting to me was the living quarters looked out onto the creek. This valued view was in contrast to the tight quarters and extremely narrow and low corridor leading to it which also contained pipes and conduit. You had to access this corridor through a tight winding stair and I remember one day seeing a tuft of hair embedded in some of the detailing that was projecting out in the Wrightian style; someone had hit their head and it looked very painful.

Don't let this deter you,
volunteer today!

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