Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Last Chance to Apply for AIA Chicago's New Bridge Program

The deadline for AIA Chicago's new Bridge program is June 18th at midnight. That's tomorrow!
From AIA Chicago:

The benefits of the Bridge program include an opportunity to be paired and mentored by experienced Chicago architects, all of whom are Fellows in the AIA. Participants will develop communication and relationship skills, advance professional skills, expand professional and personal networks, experience team performance, and develop chapter and community leadership.

Quite an opportunity indeed when you consider the current state of employment prospects in the profession. Take a look at AIA Chicago's job postings for a rare sight. If you've got more time on your hands these days and you know how important networking is this is a no-brainer.

Joan Pomaranc, Program Director at AIA Chicago, probably doesn't remember a brief conversation I had with her around 9 months ago about starting a mentorship program that went beyond that of the traditional IDP relationship. That's quite a gestation period. I got swamped with work though and never followed through. It's nice someone did. I don't think I deserve credit; similar programs exist at AIA chapters throughout the country. That's where I got the idea. My ultimate vision was a tiered program in which young architects mentored students in college or high school while those young architects were in turn mentored by seasoned professionals. This Bridge program sounds similar.

More information and apply online.

POSTSCRIPT: The deadline has been extended one week to June 25th.

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